Welcome to the Riley & Silver blog!


We created this blog to not only celebrate all aspects of activewear clothing, but specifically activewear clothing made from alternative materials like bamboo and organic cotton, because that’s what we’re passionate about here at Riley & Silver!


We like to champion activewear brands that use alternative materials in their clothing.

Materials like; organic and fairtrade cotton, bamboo and even hemp. We believe they all have a place in today’s and most importantly, tomorrow’s activewear clothing.

In our ever connected global society, there is no excuse to ignore the impact our clothing choices have on those around us and just as importantly, the environment we live in.

So, we have made it our mission, our duty, to ensure that clothing from alternative materials is given the limelight it deserves.

With that in mind, let’s get to it, but don’t get too giddy with excitement, because remember, we’re British…

Kettle On

We try to put great content on the blog, so keep checking back, or subscribe to our feed via your favourite blog reader!

And if you don’t want to read our blog, why not head over to our website instead and take a look at some of our clothing!

Visit us at http://www.rileyandsilver.com


Riley & Silver

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