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Health and Fitness really is simple. If you want it to be.

Being healthy & fit comes down to one thing. Being consistent.

Most fitness plans will work. If you stick with them. Most diets work. If you stick with them.

In 15 years of looking after my own health & fitness do you want to know the main problem I see a lot of people have?

Not sticking with it.

They start a new fitness routine and after three months they stop.

They start a new diet and after three months they stop.

A few months go by and they proclaim “pah that routine/plan was rubbish”.

No. That fitness routine or diet wasn’t rubbish, it was you that was rubbish for not sticking with it.

Stop thinking that years of abusing your body can be undone in a few months. It won’t be. It will take years to do it correctly.

Can you get results within a few months?


Will they stick with you for years?

Probably not.


Because you can’t undo years of abusing yourself in a few months.

You need to make slow, deep, meaningful changes over a few years. Then those changes will be ingrained and will be habits that you always turn back to when things get tough.

Long lasting success is never achieved overnight.