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I’m looking for some basic mens gym wear, can you help?

Yes we can! A simple t-shirt, a pair of shorts or sweat pants, some socks and you’re done (lets pretend you don’t need shoes right now!).

All of our gym wear is made from Bamboo, and bamboo fabric is perfect for wearing when you exercise. It is highly absorbent, pulling moisture away from your body to the surface to evaporate.

Due to the fabric’s cellulosic structure, it ensures you are kept warm in the cold by trapping warm air inside the microfibres, yet cool in the heat by allowing air to circulate between the microfibres.

Bamboo fabric is also super soft due to it’s smooth microstructure, which ensures it is incredibly soft to the touch, and therefore, very, very comfortable to wear.

Something we really love about our own bamboo t-shirts especially, is that they can have a nice snug fit. Because we all want to show off our body after working hard for it!

So come have a look at what we offer for gym/exercise wear on our website here