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Health and Fitness really is simple. If you want it to be.

Being healthy & fit comes down to one thing. Being consistent.

Most fitness plans will work. If you stick with them. Most diets work. If you stick with them.

In 15 years of looking after my own health & fitness do you want to know the main problem I see a lot of people have?

Not sticking with it.

They start a new fitness routine and after three months they stop.

They start a new diet and after three months they stop.

A few months go by and they proclaim “pah that routine/plan was rubbish”.

No. That fitness routine or diet wasn’t rubbish, it was you that was rubbish for not sticking with it.

Stop thinking that years of abusing your body can be undone in a few months. It won’t be. It will take years to do it correctly.

Can you get results within a few months?


Will they stick with you for years?

Probably not.


Because you can’t undo years of abusing yourself in a few months.

You need to make slow, deep, meaningful changes over a few years. Then those changes will be ingrained and will be habits that you always turn back to when things get tough.

Long lasting success is never achieved overnight.


Our 5 favourite Health & Fitness articles of the week — 23rd Aug 2015.

Our five favourite health & fitness articles from the last week are…

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Riley & Silver

5 of our Favourite Health and Fitness Articles of the Week – 16th Aug

Here are our five favourite health and fitness articles from this week…

Is lifting with scoliosis safe?

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The “but I only have 20 minutes” workout solution

Top 10 fundamental bodyweight exercises

As always feel free to share them with someone who might gain some value from them.

See you same time next week.


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5 of our Favourite Health and Fitness Articles of the Week – 9th Aug

A day late, but as they say – better late than never! Here is our weekly blog post highlighting our five favourite health and fitness articles of the week.

Lose fat by building muscle

The #1 training split for busy guys

Four little known causes for restless leg syndrome

10 crossfit and training related infographics

Paleo: The key to good health, or another fad?

We hope you get some value from one of those articles and remember even if you don’t find out anything new from them, maybe someone you know will. Share the article or this blog post with someone who you think might benefit from the knowledge shared.

Keep your eyes peeled for this weeks favourite articles post this coming Sunday.


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5 of our Favourite Health and Fitness Articles of the Week – 02-08

We’ve decided to offer a short blog post each week highlighting five of our favourite health and fitness articles we have either come across via the web or we have shared via our social media channels.

So without further ado, this weeks 5 favourite articles are:

Study suggests we’re doomed to stay fat forever. Wait. What?

Hey Vogue magazine, thanks for setting women’s fitness back a few decades!

How to Box Squat properly.

Grace Smith gave herself a year to lose 100 pounds!

How to avoid stress and resist comfort foods.

We hope you got some valuable information from one or more of those links and we’ll see you again next week for the next installment of our 5 favourite articles of the week.


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New company website, new company direction, same awesome service!

So, as anyone can see, we’ve not updated our company blog for a long, long time (7+ months).

A lot has happened at Riley & Silver since then and we’ve been very busy having a little company rejig.

On top of having a redesign, we’re now focussed solely on active and casual wear made from Bamboo and Organic/Fair Trade Cotton.

We’ve brought on board a couple of new suppliers and we’ve updated our website too.

Our old ecommerce provider didn’t allow us to have a mobile website that we were happy with, so after a lot of work we’ve now got a mobile optimised website that should look great on all platforms, desktop through to mobile.

We want bore you with the why’s, what’s or how’s, but suffice to say that this is a new and exciting direction for us and we hope you love our new design etc as much as we do.

We’re also changing the way we use our social media channels and have been busily bookmarking our most favourite sources of health & fitness related information and will now share various links and articles via the social media platforms we’re on (we have been for a little while now) in the hope of providing your our amazing customers with helpful information you can use in your own health & fitness journeys.

So there it is, we’re alive and well, we’ve had a rejig and we’re ready to kick on arse once again, who’s with us?

Head on over to if you’d like to check out our new website, as always we welcome any feedback!


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Surprising benefits of Bamboo Clothing as fitness wear.

If you like to keep fit and healthy, you no doubt do some kind of fitness activity. It could be running, cycling, lifting weights, yoga etc. What ever it is it will probably involve you wearing clothes… Well, unless it involves being naked, ummm, the mind boggles, yeah OK, I won’t go there!

So we’ll go with you wearing clothes when you exercise, cool. Have you thought about giving Bamboo clothing a go though? Did you even know bamboo clothing existed?

Well, I can tell you that yes it does and that it’s a very good fabric to use in clothing, especially fitness clothing, in my humble opinion that is.

I find that bamboo clothing hangs better on the body than cotton clothing does ( by this I mean that it’s almost figure hugging in places ) it’s more absorbent and wicks sweat away from the body better than cotton does, and it can even help keep those nasty pongs that emanate from a sweaty body at bay much better than cotton can.

Aubergine Bamboo T-shirt from Riley and Silver

When it comes to fitness clothing, personally I go for less is more. There’s nothing more I hate when I’m exercising than being hot and sweaty and not having the right clothing on to allow me to cool down properly without having to take off layers and then getting cold too quickly when I’m taking a rest period.

I’ve been keeping fit for over 15 years now, and I’ve pretty much tried all types of fitness clothing. Well, actually now that I think about it, I haven’t tried spandex, mmmmmm…….. sorry, I was dreaming thinking about a firm gluteus maximus in tight yellow spandex…. ahem, apologies, sorry about that, where was I…

Ah yes… When it comes to fitness clothing I believe you need something that is absorbent, that wicks moisture away from your skin, and can deal with the high probability that you may get a bit smelly!

And that ladies and gentlemen is where I believe bamboo clothing comes into its own.

Black Bamboo Vest from Riley and Silver

I’ve only been wearing bamboo clothing for about a year now, but I swear that it is perfect for doing any kind of activity in.

I have a spare room with my weights and running machine in. I dislike gyms with a venom and I’m not a fan of pounding the road dodging people, animals, cars and the like, so I prefer to do my exercising at home.

I tend to only wear a bamboo t-shirt and a pair of shorts, well, when I say shorts, I actually wear a pair of bamboo sports trunks, but I won’t go into details ( I know, sorry ladies! ).

What I like most about wearing a bamboo t-shirt is that it is light enough to generally not notice I am wearing anything, but thick enough that it keeps me warm enough until I get warmed up from exercising.

Then once I am hot and sweaty, I find that the bamboo material seems to absorb my sweat and it then evaporates away.

And the same goes for the shorts. They are tight enough to provide support in the necessary area, but not too tight to cut off circulation ( egads can you imagine chaps? ) and when they get a little sweaty ( as that area tends to ) the bamboo again seems to come into its own, by wicking the moisture away from my body.

Black Bamboo Boxers from Riley and Silver

And I should also mention the smells, or lack thereof. Bamboo seems to have a natural ability to keep smells at bay, although I’m not one for wearing the same clothing for more than a couple of workouts, they just don’t pong regardless of how intense my activity has been.

I haven’t yet tried any other kind of bamboo clothing for fitness related activities, but I think at some point this year I’m going to try to find a decent area to run outdoors, and I’m going to give some bamboo leggings and a long-sleeved bamboo top a go and see how they feel, but I’ve got to say I’m pretty confident that they will do just fine.

Anyhoo, if you fancy giving bamboo clothing a try for whatever fitness activity you are doing, then come and have a look on the Riley & Silver website as we’ve got an ever-growing selection, and if you decide to buy some and try it out let me know how you get on with it!

Right, I’m off for a quick interval session on the treadmill.