Five Brit trends rocking the fashion world in 2014

British style has always been at the forefront of fashion, but lately, to look at media coverage, it almost seems like our goal is to achieve world style domination with the sheer amount of Brit inspired trends and stylish British celebs out there right now.

From Cara D to the Dandy revival right now the British fashion scene has never been so hot. Let’s take a look at the five top trends currently rocking the style scene in 2014.

Tomboy inspired casual cool
The trend for uber casual as the ultimate badge of fashion cool has been driven by the popularity of celeb model/ actress/ it girls such as Cara Delavigne, Alexa Chung et al. These girls and their laid back, rocked up, I just threw this on then borrowed my boyfriend’s sloppy joe kind of style is currently setting style mavens and fashion editors abuzz, and has spawned millions of copycats throughout the globe.

The trend for casual cool is now so popular Hollywood celebs have got in on the act, and are rocking the grungy look, due in no small part to all the global coverage given by eminent fashionista bibles such as US Vogue and iD magazine that celebrate the style of Ms Delavigne and her pals.

Dapper Dandies
Traditional tailoring is back in style big time, you only have to look at dapper dandies David Beckham and uber male model David Gandy to see that getting suited and booted has never been more on trend.

Savile Row style is now being sported by everyone from actors George Clooney and Ryan Gosling, to Olympic cycling hero Bradley Wiggins, and the demand for the dapper look is so firmly back in fashion that traditional Brit gentleman’s outfitters are reporting a huge upswing in sales of bespoke tailoring, and dandyish accessories like cravats and cuff links.

Hipster happening
Love it or hate it hipster style is definitely here to stay. The often debated style is still a huge trend for men in 2014, with celeb hipsters Nik Grimshaw and Russell Brand sporting their trademark drainpipe denims, beanies, grungy boots, and skinny ties.

Though it had its origins in arty East London districts Shoreditch and Dalston, the looks now gone global with Hollywood actors like Jared Leto and Johnny Depp going all hipsterish and adopting a bit of London indie style, despite the vast amounts of negative criticism the trend’s attracted from those opposed to all things hipster.

Urban trends
London’s always been a huge player in the urban music scene, and this, combined with the city’s status as a capital of style is what has enabled the Brit urban scene to really influence fashion and music on the global stage.

Stylish acts like Tine Temper, Dizzee Rascal, Rita Ora, and Emili Sande, have long set the stage for Brit world domination within the urban music scene. But London’s special brand of street style has followed hot on its heels (or Nike Air Jordan trainers) and is now influencing the world, due to the sheer number of fashion bloggers and street style photographers capturing the look, and bringing it to the attention of style watchers throughout the globe.

Vintage sweetheart
The lifestyle trend that has seen us move away from mass production and demand more authentic and ethical goods has bled into the sartorial arena too, with the revival of retro styles inspired by the 40’s and 50’s.

British WW2 1940’sweetheart fashion has been seen on everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Katy Perry, and retro style shows no sign of slowing down the pace in 2014, with a proliferation of homegrown Brit retro labels like Tara Starlet and Lindy Bop making it affordable to create the perfect retro look.

Purchases of both vintage inspired clothing and genuine authentic pieces from the 40’s and 50’s eras are soaring, as more and more style conscious women want to take up the trend and don a little bit of vintage glamour for themselves and look fabulous and original.

And as we all become more eco-aware, genuine vintage clothing not only helps to create a glamorous look that most modern clothing could never achieve, but it also seems to make more and more sense, after all why waste something that you can reuse again?


Do you agree, or disagree with our picks for the Brit fashions trends for 2014, maybe we’ve missed something you think has made more of impact this year, let us know in the comments!



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