Surprise – We Accept Bitcoin for Clothing at Riley & Silver!

Riley & Silver Accept Bitcoin!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new digital currency, one that we believe in and feel that you should too.

It requires a bit more time and space to explain than we have here, so please take a look at this website for more information…

How do I place an order with you?

It’s very simple, just find the items you would like to buy, add them to your virtual shopping basket and then click checkout.

Once you have filled in the address you want the items to be sent to, along with your email address, simply click on the ‘Purchase Order’ button at the bottom of the checkout screen.

Within 1-3 hours (normally much quicker) we will then email you using the email address you supplied (so please ensure it is correct) requesting payment from you in Bitcoins.

We will convert your order total from GBP into Bitcoins, using the exchange rate at the time we email you.

You then simply send us your Bitcoin payment to the address we give you and once we have confirmed receipt, we’ll email you again to let you know and also when we’ll be shipping your order!

How do you get the exchange rate for Bitcoins?

We use the exchange rate from

How can I trust you with my Bitcoins?

Like other merchants on the internet who are now accepting Bitcoins as payment for orders, we want to provide the best service to our customers, and this means offering as many payment options as possible.

Just like any other form of payment, we receive your Bitcoin payment before we ship your order, however, as you will probably be aware, unlike other forms of payment you cannot reverse a Bitcoin transaction once you have sent it, therefore putting your trust in us.

We take that trust very seriously, and can assure you that your money, regardless of payment method, will be safe with us.

Yes, these are only words, but hopefully you’ll see throughout our website we offer an open and honest approach, this ranges from offering as many forms of paying for your order as possible, to making sure all our processes are as clear as possible too.

Will a Bitcoin order be any different than any other order paid via another means?

No.  All of our normal terms & conditions are applicable to a Bitcoin order, which can be viewed by clicking here.

What if I want to return an item, how do refunds work with Bitcoins?

If you receive your order and want to return an item, you can do so by using our normal returns procedure which can be found here.

The only difference will be that once we receive your returned item, we’ll contact you for your Bitcoin payment address to send you back the relevant funds – and where-ever possible, we request that this be the same as the original address you sent us the Bitcoins from.

The refund will be in Bitcoins at the exchange rate in GBP at the time we process the refund (normally within 24hrs of receiving a return), minus any fee’s as per our returns policy.

I have another question about paying by Bitcoins not covered here.

Simply email us at and we’ll try to answer any questions you have asap.

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