Alternative 21st Century Outfit for all Men.

Riley & Silver Winter Outfit

Gentlemen, if you are looking for an outfit that offers the best of 21st century fashion, which combines both Made in Britain clothing with Eco Material clothing, then read on and you’ll be surprised…

It can get a little chilly in January in the UK, and you’ll need to wrap up warm, which means it’s all about layering, and the simpler you can make an outfit, the better.

Nothing gets more simpler than a White Organic Cotton and Bamboo T-Shirt underneath a Rhapsody Blue 100% Lambswool Made in Britain Jumper, which were both born to go together, and do so perfectly, in fact the only combinations on this planet that even get close are marmite and cheese, and batter on any chocolate bar.

You haven’t tried either? Egads, you haven’t lived!

So we move onto the bottom half, and as you can’t simply go strutting around with nothing on (well you could, but you might get a few strange looks!) then it’s best you can add in some Made in Britain Boxershorts, on top of which fit perfectly a pair of Stonewash Blue Made in Britain Jeans.

And then to finish off the look, add a pair of Red and Navy Luxury Bamboo Socks for that little flash of colour and you’ve got the perfect combination of made in britain and eco material clothing.

Oh and did you know you can get all of those items over on our website? No? Well, why not follow the links above or click on our web address and have a look for yourself …

And in case you’re getting picky about things, and are actually thinking about going outside in this outfit, you might need some shoes, and I’d highly recommend trying these Made in Britain 6 Eye Brogue Derby Boots

6 Eye Brogue Derby Boot Solovair

Something that we unfortunately don’t stock right now, but will be later this year.

And there we have it chaps. Your very own made in britain and eco material outfit, now go forth and be 21st century made in britain eco material chic! Now there’s a term that’ll make it into the English Dictionary by the end of the year.



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