Why we think it is hugely important to support British clothing manufacturing.

Well, here we go, our very first post is here on this blog of ours….

I’ve been procrastinating over what to put up for our first post, but I thought lets not over think it too much, and just get a post up to begin with!

The aim with this blog is to let you know from time to time what goes on in the background of running Riley & Silver, and sometimes our own personal lives too if we feel so bold. Mainly though, it will be about British clothing manufacturing, British companies and just generally anything British we feel needs putting out there.

I won’t make the first post about anything particular other than reiterating what message we are hoping to portray with this blog, almost like a mission statement I suppose.

We want to show how much we care about British clothing manufacturing, and in fact anything British as a whole. Because if ever there was, and is a time that our country needs our support, then that time is now.

If we want to continue to have our great British lifestyles, in our great country, we need to support each other more. We need to support each other’s British businesses more, and most importantly make sure more of our money stays on these Great British Isles.

By spending our money on British products from British companies the money will eventually find its way back to us, meaning we’ll once again have more money to spend on enjoying our great British lifestyles.

Please do not think for one minute that we’re anti global trade, because we are not, and it would be very narrow-minded of us to be otherwise.

We are all for trading with the global community, but what we are not for, is allowing all our money to leak out of our great country, and into foreign hands, which will eventually as it already is, lead to us having less money for ourselves.

We can’t on one hand spend money on foreign products and then complain about how all our British companies are closing down and that there are no jobs for us.

It is time we all opened our eyes and realised that if we want our high streets, our towns and villages, our communities, and most importantly our jobs to be around for future generations, we must support everything that is British before we support things that are foreign.


Phew…. that came out like verbal diarrhea, just imagine if I’d had a cup of coffee instead of tea!

Anyway, I’ll continue on, I’m sure someone is still reading this…..

Hedghog Listening

Here at Riley & Silver we don’t pretend to have all the answers to the problems facing us here in the UK, in fact we don’t pretend to have any of the answers (although personally, I’m sure chocolate could be one of them!).

We are probably not alone in our thinking that the UK government isn’t doing a great job at resolving various issues for us, so we have to try to resolve them ourselves, head on and most importantly together, as friends, as families, and as communities.

We believe that we can do our little bit by supporting British manufacturing, and specifically in our case British clothing manufacturing. So we’ve pledged to try to offer as much of the great British clothing available as possible through our business Riley & Silver.

There is a need for a British clothing company, that supports only British clothing companies, not because we’re anti this or that, or in any way shape or form biased towards British products, but simply because we should as British people first and foremost support ourselves and our companies before any others.

I of course haven’t mentioned anything as yet of the British companies that are using alternative materials to make their clothing, the large majority of which are made abroad.

I won’t go into detail right now about why we believe the alternative materials like organic and fair trade cotton and bamboo or hemp have great benefits in comparison to standard materials, as these topics are widely available for those that care to read about them (although we will post about it later on).

The environmental benefits of ethically produced textiles can be widely researched on the interweb, so I feel no need to explain why we should, and are backing British companies that are using these materials in their clothing.

We personally feel passionately that the two can, should and will eventually combine to coexist together one day. There will be British brands that manufacture here in the UK and who use alternative materials to do so.

That is our ultimate dream, and we hope that there are some of you out there that agree with us, that are as passionate about this as we are, and are willing to help us bring British clothing manufacturing back up to the levels it was decades ago, using standard or alternative materials.


OK I’ll stop there. That is most definitely as long as I should let this first post get.

Hopefully you’ll subscribe to the blog feed, or even follow us on your favourite social media, and support us in our journey to bring British clothing manufacturing back to the top of the world, where it belongs!

Thanks for reading this far, and I promise that most of the future posts will not be this length……… most! (^_^)

Toodle pip.


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